Choose the Best Websites on Stock Photography


As always, there are several factors to consider when making choices. Just like in choosing stock photography websites, keep several things in mind to make the right decision. A lot of companies out there offer excellent choices of stock photo that you can download for free or for a minimal fee. However, not al of these sites are designed similarly. You have to look for important features in a free stock photography website, such as an easy to use search engine, the size and resolution of the photographs available, how the photographs are licensed, how often is the site updated, and which photographers are showcased.

An essential characteristic of a good website for free stock photography is having an easy to use search engine. There is no use to have a large collection of stock photos when users cannot find the images they need. Websites should have keyword searches to easily identify the most suitable images for your needs.

Consider the size and resolution of photographs being offered in the websites. Sometimes, you may need larger photographs and it helps to pay a small amount per use or a fee for monthly subscription to access a wide variety of high quality images.  For more info about stock photography, visit

There are a number of ways for stock photographs to be licensed. There are royalty-free images that can be used in many ways without paying for royalties. However, it is not synonymous with free because some websites may charge a one-time free or subscription fee when using the images. On the other hand, rights-managed images specify how images can be used. Some of them could be restricted in certain geographic areas or can be used for a particular period of time. Another alternative would be the extended right images where clients can purchase the right to use such images multiple times without time limit. Consider your needs before looking at various options. Sometimes, it may be worth to have monthly subscription that allows you to use multiple images with the extended rights option.

Find out how often commercial photography websites are updated because the best ones are updated frequently. This means that there are always fresh images available for use. You know how important new and innovative images are to draw attention because overused images will have the opposite effect.

Check out also the stock motion photographers who offer stock images in the website. Skilled and experienced photographers will always have high quality, striking images. However, there are also those who are new who can offer the same or even better. Just make sure that the stock photography websites meet the basic criteria so you can choose high quality images without breaking your budget.


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